Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays with Preparation of Relocation

Why still no posts for the past few weeks? Well, I'm currently overwhelmed with preparation of moving into new apartment.

Fear not gentle readers. I'll be back writing my heart out for you (not forgetting the outstanding) next 2 weeks after I have settle down in my new apartment.

In the meantime, happy holidays!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Black & White

Comments later . . . . :P

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Digital Imaging Part II - Duatone

Comments to be added later . . . . cheers :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Digital Imaging Part I - Cross-Process

Comments to be added later . . . . cheers :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy * Relocation * Interviews * Studies

I know very little words here and nothing from me after 12 days since my last posted, but a picture tells a thousand words, right? Ha!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Food Blogs Recommendation

I have been hunting for a good food or easing my hunger from this blog ieat-ishoot-ipost~. I thought I would be contented after months of visiting this local food blog until recently I found another good food for high tea. Yes, cupcakes anyone? Take a look at this cupcake's blog cupcakes take the cake. This is really awesome! I think they are cupcakes encyclopedia! This reminds me of my lovely friend who often made and offered me her tasty cupcakes. Well, I love both blogs and moreover they are the nominees for the best food blog of “Best Blogger’s Choice Award”. The pictures in both blogs were well taken too! And the local food blog really provides stimulus to me as sometimes I need good recommendation especially when my stomach growled and started to have no inspiration. However to prevent me from growing horizontally, I will always try to pretend these food blogs as a preexisting schema especially late nights.
If you are like me, well, no worries as I have placed both blogs’ links in the right bar of my blog (Recommended Food Blogs).

Happy browsing and enjoy the food virtually! Cheers!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

許瑋倫 Xu Weilun 11月13日

Today is Beatrice Hsu’s (許瑋倫; Xǔ Wěilún) birthday (November 13, 1978). She left the world on January 28, 2007 when she unfortunately met a fatal car accident in Taichung. She’s my favourite Taiwanese actress.
瑋倫, 祝你生日快樂 . . . .

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Vivienne!

Today's date is November 11 or 11/11 is a special date and is my friend's birthday.
I used to call my long lost friend, Ming Yue. Her Christian name is Vivienne and surname is Phua (Pang).
We studied in the same junior school in CPS. We used to stayed in touch when she’s in St Margaret’s and I think she did her “A” level studies in St Andrew JC. Thereafter, I couldn’t remember when the last time we exchanged snail mails correspondence was but I know the last heard from her was she’s in Australia doing her university degree course.
I miss her . . . . very much. How are you? Where are you?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Showcase Prelude

I've just uploaded some pictures as a preview of my upcoming exhibition. My model friends, celebrities like Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Hamasaki Ayumi, Hitomi, Toda Erika, Lin Zhi Ling, Wu Pei Ci, Justine Henin, Maria Sharapova, Leah Dizon, the seven princess and the list goes on, and not forgetting my Meoni have confirmed that they will be there and . . . . haha! I am just kidding!
How I wish I can have my own exhibition and see my favourite stars shining there.
Yeah . . . . dream on!
I mean the showcase will be in the digital form, which is here - in my blog. At this present moment, at least my blog looks livelier. Cheers!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Le Papillon

I have not watch yet but I would like to watch. Does anyone have the DVD of this movie?
Le Papillon or The Butterfly is a French film (which released in 2002) by Philippe Muyl starring Michel Serrault (the elder) and Claire Bouanich (the little girl). The movie is about an unlikely bond that forms between a young girl and her elderly neighbour.
I found this in the net and thought of sharing this tender trailer and music with you.
Claire’s cute!
I thought Claire would be the one who sang the song but in the music video…. Hmm…. Please watch it yourself and hope you will like it. Cheers!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My First Broadcast In My Very Own Blog

Happy Deepavali!

Finally, my first blog has been set up. I am not too sure when was it, Paul and I have been discussed getting ourselves a blog. Both of us are photo hobbyist and hope to have our own photography corner in the World Wide Web, we have decided to work on it but it has been delayed because it’s such a headachy to think of a blog’s name.

So, my best friend has kicked-off his on last month and I started mine on the very first morning (00:00 hour) of Deepavali and had a discussion with him via MSN, mainly I have sought for his suggestions on my blog’s name and asked about the administrative of this blog.To my surprise, the name - Trevor Go is available so without hesitation (and after two hours of brainstorming my blog’s name), I have finally registered my name.

As you can see, I have managed to create an account, name my blog, choose the template and lastly for the time being to have only words for the introduction of myself.
In the introduction, I have mentioned that I will share the photos with you which eventually will be posted ASAP (as most landscape photos which were taken in my very first stage have not been kept in the CD however I will try to scan them if I can).

I am going to rack out for two hours now as blogging can be very addictive and I have obsessed over it till very late night (or early morning).

Keep look out for my next possible episode - Akan Datang – Coming to you soon in your figures click away!